Electric Traction

Eikto follows IATF 16949 certificate and ISO9001 to provide 50,000+ LiFePO4 battery units to the majority of forklift manufacturers, holds up to 45% of global market share. Our professional R&D ability developed 5,000+ module solutions, providing customized services to meet clients' different demands. 



As the first lithium battery manufacturer in China to obtain CCS certificate, which includes battery cell, PACK and Battery Management Systems (BMS), Eikto’s product has been equipped in more than 1,000 vessels in China, holds up to 37% of the full electric vessel market. This valuable experience enables us to continuously optimize our product and improve service. 


Eikto’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery adopts thick blade design with high utility of space and flexibility, which is appropriate for module integration and energy storage. All-pole lugs design allows large current charging & discharging speed to reach up to 4C.