EIKTO Battery showcases its standardized pioneering products at the Double Carbon Industry Development Forum

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Update time : 2023-04-29 10:19:00

26 to 27, the 1st Engineering Machinery Double Carbon Industry Development Forum was grandly inaugurated in Jinan. EIKTO Battery's Vice President, Shuang Zhou, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech on "Innovation-Driven Lithium Battery Industry Standardization for Emission Reduction". Her presentation focused on introducing EIKTO's pioneering approach, driving advancements in both "technology research and development" and "product application," with the aim of contributing to carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The speech received significant attention and garnered positive feedback from industry experts and enterprises present at the event. They highly praised EIKTO for its innovative technology and standardized products, recognizing the company's earnest efforts in advancing the industry's carbon reduction and emission reduction capabilities.

The 1st Engineering Machinery Double Carbon Industry Development Forum was organized under the guidance of the China Construction Machinery Association and hosted by the Double Carbon Working Committee of the China Construction Machinery Association. revolved around accelerating energy conservation and emission reduction in the engineering machinery industry, promoting green development. Over the span of two days, the event brought together more than 300 participants, including renowned domestic industry experts, prominent engineering machinery companies, and representatives from supporting supply chain enterprises. Together, they engaged in in-depth discussions and collaboratively strategized for the industry's development.

In her speech, Shuang Zhou highlighted EIKTO's long-standing focus on lithium battery products and dedication to innovative lithium battery technology. She emphasized EIKTO's deep involvement in the forklift industry, providing personalized one-vehicle-one-product solutions and establishing itself as a leading brand in the forklift lithium battery industry. As an active pioneer in the industry and a guiding force in product application solutions, EIKTO challenges conventional thinking by proposing the concept of standardized emission reduction. Through the introduction of standardized products, including standardized design, materials, and manufacturing processes, EIKTO has significantly reduced production and operational costs while ensuring fast deliveries to customers. The standardized approach also simplifies customer application processes and improves operational efficiency. Moreover, EIKTO's standardized products have received certifications from IEC, UL, and UN38.3. These products play a significant role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. As a result, EIKTO is actively contributing to the industry's endeavors to achieve "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak" goals at an accelerated pace.

During her speech, Shuang Zhou also delved into EIKTO's mining truck business and provided an extensive analysis of the current challenges in powering mining vehicles. She unveiled EIKTO Battery's valuable solutions, which include specialized battery cells designed for typical mining truck scenarios, supporting 2C charging and discharging. To address specific challenges in mining truck operations, EIKTO offers super lithium battery products tailored for special scenarios, supporting 3C, 5C, and 10C charging and discharging. EIKTO Battery offers both pure electric and hybrid solutions in its collaborations with clients. In terms of energy charging options, EIKTO Battery demonstrates its commitment to technological innovation and exploration by providing a range of charging modes tailored to different application scenarios. These modes include mobile charging, mobile power supply, fixed-point battery swapping, and mobile battery swapping. These charging solutions effectively address the concerns and challenges of customers, thus offering an outstanding application experience. Apart from participating in theme conferences and industry forums, EIKTO Battery also showcased its standardized battery products in the company's dedicated exhibition area at the event.