Opening a New Era of Liquid Cooling: EIKTO Battery Shines at the 26th China Shanghai International Boat Show

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Update time : 2023-03-30 09:59:00

From March 28 to 31, the 26th China Shanghai International Boat Show commenced with grandeur at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. EIKTO Battery showcased its industry-first liquid-cooled cooling system, drawing significant attention from global customers and professional experts. The product's pioneering technology and exceptional performance stood out among numerous exhibitors in the maritime manufacturing industry, making EIKTO Battery a focal point at the event. The presence of EIKTO's cutting-edge products added a new dimension of innovation and interest to the yacht expo and demonstrated the company's commitment to providing advanced solutions in the marine sector.

During the exhibition, EIKTO Battery presented four innovative products, including the pioneering short blade cells for ships and forklifts, standard battery packs for ships, the E-Series battery pack, and the liquid-cooled battery box (22.4V/600Ah single cells). Among these innovations, the liquid-cooled battery box stood out as a remarkable new product introduced by EIKTO Battery, representing an industry-first innovation with distinctive features and outstanding performance that set it apart from other products of its kind. EIKTO's cutting-edge technology and exceptional product offerings garnered considerable attention and admiration from industry professionals and visitors at the event.

In fact, EIKTO Battery's pioneering liquid-cooled system is not only groundbreaking in terms of technology but also boasts distinct advantages in practical applications. The drawer-type battery pack is easy to assemble and enables rapid charging. Furthermore, when multiple battery packs are connected in series, the cumulative maximum voltage can reach up to 1,000V, delivering robust power performance comparable to that of cargo vessels. The battery's energy capacity of 2,258KWh places it at the forefront of similar products, ensures impressive cruising ranges on rivers, and offers peace of mind for users concerned about range anxiety.