EIKTO’s latest marine outboard motor battery debuts at a Netherlands exhibition, capturing global customer attention

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Update time : 2023-06-22 16:46:00

EIKTO’s cutting-edge marine outboard motor battery, the 51.2V 90Ah model, made its global debut at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from June 20 to 22. The product's innovative and sleek design, along with its unique deep structure integration and convenient rapid mobility features, captured significant attention from industry professionals and customers worldwide. Many attendees expressed strong interest and enthusiasm to explore potential collaborations with the company. Additionally, EIKTO showcased its E-series batteries, the groundbreaking 'Genesis' liquid-cooled battery, and the pioneering thick short blade battery cells at the event. These offerings, renowned for their high safety, user-friendliness, powerful performance, and industry-leading liquid-cooling technology, also drew a large number of customers to the exhibition stand to discuss potential cooperation opportunities.

EIKTO's 51.2V 90Ah marine outboard motor battery, making its global debut, is the result of extensive research and development, driven by a deep understanding of customer needs and meticulous consideration of application environments. Developed with EIKTO's unique business mindset and profound product understanding, this product boasts complete independent intellectual property rights and excels in various aspects: its sleek and streamlined design, along with seamless integration of internal and external components, allows for easy mobility and enhances safety and reliability. Notably, it features a harmonious blend of aesthetics and advanced technology, incorporating quick plug-and-play connectors, appearance and internal components and parts for swift mobility, and user-friendly management. The instrument display functions enable precise monitoring of the battery status, allowing for faster and more accurate assessments. Moreover, the battery's exceptional corrosion resistance, rated up to C5 grade, ensures durability in various environmental conditions. Its superior heat dissipation, achieved through extensive cooling fin designs, ensures prolonged endurance and efficient handling of high-current conditions with minimal heat generation due to the use of high-rate cells. This feature enables extended usage without compromising performance. To ensure the utmost safety, this product provides IP67 protection.

According to the latest information, the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo showcased cutting-edge concepts of hybrid marine propulsion, featuring global advancements in electrical systems. Notably, the event showcased innovative technologies such as asynchronous electric motors, active front-end inverters, and coupling technologies. EIKTO's presence at the expo was particularly noteworthy, as the company's innovative battery technology and products took center stage, demonstrating China's remarkable technological prowess in the field of energy storage solutions.